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Drift Union Invitational 2013

Posted on July 14, 2013 | 0 comments

Aaaahh, Drift Union Invitational...



One of the most look forward to events of the year, and by far the best event hosted in Western Canada! The weekend started out with an early morning meeting, grabbing gas and setting out on the highway east.



Ben was bringing his cressida on its first journey, Josh with his R33 all dialed in and ready to go, and Gaelen of in the trusty 180sx.... what could go wrong??



Well it seemed that everything that could go wrong went wrong.


 We lost Gaelen 2 hours into the trip when we pulled over because the cressida's 5m engine was beginning to overheat, after inspecting what was going on, we convinced Ben to crank the heat in the already hot 20 degree celsius weather, to keep the coolant circulating the engine. Once good, Ben set off again. Josh and Myself got stuck waiting for a few cars to go by before we could get back onto the highway. Not even 10 mins down the road we notice that the passenger side front wheel began rubbing more and more....

As soon as we notice this and start to converse about what it could be....BANG, fwap, fwap, fwap....




 We had blown out the tire, completed debeaded with a fist size hole in the side. With Ben gone, Gaelen gone, no cell service, and no spare tire, we were stranded....  Long story short [since i could write a novel about the situation] 2 random friends show up with some tools and good spirits, random drift spec r32 drives by, gives us his donut spare [which we still have! please let us know if you want it back!!], and we put it on with an alignment of -7 degree's of camber in the front, less than half the air needed and drive the rest of the 200km to the track... and that was only the first 4 hours into the trip.


We finally make it to the track and it suddenly all gets better, the sounds of screeching tires, the smell of burning rubber and tons of familiar faces. The weekend has begun!!



After getting our passes and making our way into the pits my only thought was to get my helmet and start hitching as many ride alongs as possible! There were a few people there that I only conversed with on the internet since they lived south of the border, the Island or in that awful place called Alberta haha.



The events over the course of the weekend consisted of Team Tandem, Biggest Entry comp, and just all around getting busy with your bro's.



 So many teams and People had shown up; HOTBOYZ, Husky Situations, Independent SpeedShop, Drift farm and a lot of Drift West boys were out, Buckaroo's which deserve a shoutout for going hard in the paint and banana-ing a car, Deadbeats, and anyone else whom I'm forgetting. Everyone was going all out and putting on a great show for us spectators.



Gaelen out on the track, he had completely changed up his setup for this event and for his first go with zeroing out his rear camber, and going to a meatier tire in the rear he was really given er'



By far the entire weekend and all the cars, I'd have to say this car was by far my favorite looking [I don't wanna hurt anyones feelings] Props to Kurtis Goat for putting this beauty together. 2jz s13.4 hhnnnggg.  He was killing in it the smoke department, and seemed to have no issues the entire weekend, cant wait to see this car next year!



Did I mention the mandems...?



After an extremely eventful ride up and two days of pure grassroots chaos, we packed our things and hoped for a smooth journey home. Riding with us on the back to Vancouver BC was Ryan B of Dodologic (big thumbs up to him for getting this awesome shot of Ben X7 with me riding shotgun) as we rolled back into our driveways we were happy that the weekend was over, but also sad that it wouldn't be happening does another year.

Big Thanks to Shawn Brown for helping us out with a media pass and for putting on one of Canada's best grassroots events!


-Anthony Bell



 Also want to give a huge shoutout to the HOTBOYZ for being so accommodating and taking me for tons of rides. 



Enjoy a few more Photo`s down below that Josh took, big thanks to him as well for sticking it out in the 40 degree weather to capture some awesome moments so that we could share with you folks!


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