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Chariot of the Damned Update 26/7/2013

Posted on July 23, 2013 | 0 comments

Hey everyone, the full update will be posted here on Friday but I'll share two things with you in the meantime, the first of which is this giant stack of awesome:

The COTD is going to treat these BFGoodrich g-Force T-A KDW's to a very short life full of absolute pain and misery. Before the 2JZ turns them into a pile of black dust, lets get a little fun out of them...



Here's the game: First person who can correctly guess the width of the rear tires gets one of these badass brushed gold metallic Certified Evil stickers for free!

All you have to do is email me what you think the correct tire width is, then the numbers 40 and 18, like this:




That's it! If you're the first person to email and guess the right answer you win!

The second thing I have to share is that along with the update coming Friday, I'll be posting a downloadable PDF guide on how to achieve low offsets by cheaply and easily reversing the barrels on your own three piece wheels:


Special thanks to Alesha for stopping the wheel in the cover photo from rolling around, and proving at the same time that you don't need to wear pants to look good.


I'll see you back here on Friday for the update and another episode of "Emma Watson: The reason why GIF's exist"



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